My personal webpage

Hello, I am Gonzalo Olave, Electrical Engineer and MSc. Student from the University of Chile. I work in Robotics since 2011 in the UChile Homebrakers Team (see Bender’s Page). I’ve also worked in a few projects in the robotics laboratory AMTC-DIE Robotics Lab.

I’m one of the founders of the University of Chile Robotics Community (Comunidad de Robótica), one of the most important and entertaining projects I have ever participated. Our main objective is to make diffusion of the projects we work on and to bring students to robotics, in a funny and relaxed way. Among other projects, we implemented our own version of MITs Duckietown, called Duckietown Chile obtaining very good results in all areas we were focused on.

I like teaching robotics, 3D modelling and printing. My hobbies are playing music, cyclism, reading, photograpy and Caporales dancing. Also, nowadays I’m very into ducks. I ride an old road bike called ‘Anacleto’. Its mainly made of steel and its strong and trustworthy. It takes me anyway I want to. I’m also into the fixed gear.

Contact me

You can find me on mainly. If you don’t like e-mail, there are a few links to my public life in the left panel.

I’ve also made some 3D models for different projects. You can view my Grabcad profile to take a look on them.